Updated Privacy Statement

This website (the "Site") is operated by SandRailsOnly.com, a division of Repton Media LLC ("SandRailsOnly.com"). This Privacy Statement (the "Statement") describes SandRailsOnly.com's collection, use and disclosure of information practices in connection with the Site. This Statement applies to the national version of the Site, located at www.SandRailsOnly.com, as well as to any versions of the Site that SandRailsOnly.com operates, including versions or pages that SandRailsOnly.com co-brands or private labels with its newspaper and broadcast affiliates, third-party distribution partners and other partners (collectively, "Affiliates"). For example, you may have arrived at a co-branded version of the Site from an Affiliate's website, in which case, that Affiliate will be clearly identified at the top of the home page of this Site. In this Statement, SandRailsOnly.com refers to those versions of the Site as "Affiliate Versions." Please be aware that SandRailsOnly.com may share any information you submit through this Site with Affiliates, as described below. During your visit to any Affiliate Version, the Affiliate may independently collect other information from you.

For purposes of clarification, this Statement also describes SandRailsOnly.com's collection, use, and disclosure practices with respect to any personally identifiable information and Usage Data (as defined below) that is provided to SandRailsOnly.com by any of its third-party distribution partners that display SandRailsOnly.com vehicle listings, such as Yahoo!.

This Statement does not describe SandRailsOnly.com's collection, use and disclosure of information through means other than this Site (e.g., off-line) or the collection, use and disclosure practices of any Affiliate, third-party distribution partners or other third parties. For information on a third party's information collection, use and disclosure practices, please review the privacy policy on the applicable third party's website. Also, please note that this Site contains links to other websites. SandRailsOnly.com is not responsible for the websites, content or privacy practices of any third party. By using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read this Statement and agree that you are subject to the SandRailsOnly.com Terms of Service.

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

You are not required to provide any personally identifiable information to visit the Site. SandRailsOnly.com automatically collects Usage Data (as described below) and may collect ZIP codes and other information in connection with your use of the Site (e.g., the type of vehicle you are looking for). SandRailsOnly.com collects personally identifiable information only when you make it available through your use of the Site. You may be required to provide personally identifiable information to use certain services on this Site, including, but not limited to, the "Email the Dealer/Seller" feature and to purchase and create a "Sell It Yourself" online classified listing ("SIY Ad") and account ("SIY Account"). In addition, you may submit personally identifiable information through the Site in other ways, including: (a) participating in online surveys, promotions, contests and sweepstakes; (b) subscribing to newsletters, editorial content, or promotional content sent via email, (c) using the Site's "Feedback" and "More Information" forms; and (d) in connection with other products, services, features, or requests made available through the Site. We also publish toll-free phone numbers for many of the dealerships that list vehicles for sale on the Site. If you dial one of these phone numbers, SandRailsOnly.com or a service provider operating on SandRailsOnly.com's behalf may record the date, time and length of your call and the phone number from which the call originated, along with other information that may be captured. Any Usage Data and/or personally identifiable information resulting from such calls may be used as described in this Statement. The types of personally identifiable information that you provide will depend on the nature of the submission, but could include your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information. In the event that you purchase a SIY Ad in a print/online package through a newspaper Affiliate, the Affiliate is required to share your name, phone number and email address with SandRailsOnly.com in order to allow SandRailsOnly.com to process and maintain your ad.

Passive Information Collection

The Site automatically collects information and may also customize your visit through technical means, including the following:

Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer's hard drive by computers (or servers) to identify your computer.

Web Beacons: Web beacons (also known as pixel tags, internet tags, clear GIFs, or single-pixel GIFs) are electronic images embedded into a webpage.

IP Address Logs: SandRailsOnly.com also logs Internet Protocol (IP) addresses - the location of your computer on the internet.

Cookies allow SandRailsOnly.com to recognize you when you visit the Site, to personalize your experience and generally to serve you better. For example, if you enter your name, address or ZIP code on one of the Site's forms, it may be stored in a cookie so you do not have to enter it again on other forms on the Site. Cookies and web beacons can tell us what advertising you have seen on the Site, which allows SandRailsOnly.com to offer you a more diverse selection of advertising information and may also be used together to measure the effectiveness of SandRailsOnly.com advertising campaigns. Cookies, web beacons and IP addresses are also used to compile data regarding Site usage (what website you came from, what pages of the Site you visit, how long you were on the Site, what type of browser you are using, what website you went to, etc.). Web beacons may also be included in emails sent by SandRailsOnly.com to determine when and if such emails are opened or forwarded. You can disable cookies or otherwise manage them through tools provided with your browser software and with third-party software packages. If you turn off cookies, many of the Site's features will not work as well or at all. Anonymous information regarding use of our Site and services that is collected and/or aggregated by or on behalf of SandRailsOnly.com through the use of such technical means or otherwise is referred to in this Statement as "Usage Data."

Information Use

Personally Identifiable Information. Personally identifiable information collected by SandRailsOnly.com through your use of the Site may be stored on servers or in a cookie on your computer and may be used by SandRailsOnly.com for any of the following purposes:

  • To confirm or fulfill a request that you make (e.g., in order to send you a price quote or other information you have requested, SandRailsOnly.com may share your contact information with a participating SandRailsOnly.com dealer and/or manufacturer).
  • To follow up on any request that you have previously made (e.g., SandRailsOnly.com may contact you to determine whether the dealer and/or manufacturer responded to your original request).
  • To communicate with you regarding the SandRailsOnly.com service (e.g., SandRailsOnly.com may send you emails or call you to confirm a price quote request or to notify you that you have received a lead regarding a vehicle you have advertised or to request that you participate in a survey).
  • To send promotional materials, newsletters or other content via email or otherwise, but only if you have indicated that you wish to receive such materials (e.g., SandRailsOnly.com will send you auto show newsletters and information regarding how to sell your vehicle on SandRailsOnly.com if you have indicated that you wish to receive such newsletters and information). If you no longer wish to receive a particular email newsletter or other promotion from SandRailsOnly.com, you must follow the opt-out instructions included in such email newsletters and promotions.
  • To permit third parties (to whom SandRailsOnly.com may disclose personally identifiable information specifically for direct marketing purposes) to send you promotional or informational messages, but only if you have first affirmatively agreed to receive such messages.
  • To improve your user experience.
  • To manage SandRailsOnly.com's business and its relationships with Affiliates, customers, and other third parties to which SandRailsOnly.com may disclose personally identifiable information pursuant to this Statement.
  • For Site administration, analysis, research, development, optimization and other internal purposes, including, without limitation, to compile Usage Data.

Usage Data: Usage Data is used by SandRailsOnly.com for administrative, analytical, research, optimization and other purposes. For example, SandRailsOnly.com may use statistical analyses of Usage Data in order to measure interest in the various areas of the Site, for development purposes and to inform advertisers and partners in aggregate and anonymous terms about consumers who click on their advertising or other messages. IP addresses are also used for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes.

With respect to promotional materials and newsletters that SandRailsOnly.com may send from time to time, SandRailsOnly.com will not continue to send you such communications if you ask us not to, as described below in the Section entitled "Accessing, Changing or Deactivating Information Collected by SandRailsOnly.com." However, you agree that SandRailsOnly.com may send to you, and you cannot opt out of, communications of a transactional or relationship nature, including, but not limited to, communications regarding fraudulent or illegal activity, the status of your SIY Account, changes to this Statement or the SandRailsOnly.com Terms of Service, as well as communications to confirm, fulfill and follow up on your SIY Account registration or a request submitted through the Site.

Information Sharing

SandRailsOnly.com may share personally identifiable information that you provide with third parties in the following cases:

  1. Affiliates. SandRailsOnly.com may share your personally identifiable information with Affiliates on the condition that the Affiliates' disclosure and use of the information is consistent with this Statement.
  2. Requests. If you request information or services through the Site, you agree that SandRailsOnly.com may share personally identifiable information with third parties as may be necessary to provide such information to or perform such services for you. For example, if you request a vehicle price quote from a dealership through the Site, SandRailsOnly.com will share the information you entered with that dealership (or its designee) and any other parties providing that listing (e.g., if an vehicle manufacturer provides the listing to us on behalf of the dealership). Similarly, if through the Site you request additional information from a financial institution, SandRailsOnly.com will share your information with that institution. Personally identifiable information also may be included in reports to these third parties, but only when you have intended to submit the information to the third party as described above. After the information is provided to such third parties, SandRailsOnly.com does not control their subsequent use or disclosure of information.
  3. Sweepstakes/Promotions. In the event that you participate in a sweepstakes, contest or other promotion on the Site that is sponsored by SandRailsOnly.com and a third party, SandRailsOnly.com reserves the right to share personally identifiable information collected in conjunction with the sweepstakes, contest or promotion with the third party. After the information is provided to such third parties, the subsequent use or disclosure of such information is subject to those third parties' privacy policies and practices.
  4. Direct Marketing. Except as provided herein, it is SandRailsOnly.com's policy not to disclose personally identifiable information of our customers to third parties specifically for the third parties' direct marketing purposes. If you are 18 years of age or older and have affirmatively agreed to receive third-party direct marketing materials, SandRailsOnly.com may share personally identifiable information with third parties for direct marketing purposes. Although SandRailsOnly.com will notify all third-party direct marketers that the information provided to them is confidential, the subsequent use or disclosure of such information is subject to those third parties' privacy policies and practices.
  5. Service Providers. SandRailsOnly.com may work with third parties that provide services on its behalf, including, among others, providers of analytical, development, promotional, research, credit card processing, technical and other services. For example, SandRailsOnly.com may ask that a third party conduct an online survey or sweepstakes or send newsletters on its behalf. Similarly, if you make a payment to SandRailsOnly.com by credit card, SandRailsOnly.com may share your personally identifiable information and credit card information with a third party in order to process credit card transactions, or such information may be collected directly by the credit card processing service provider on SandRailsOnly.com's behalf. In such cases, SandRailsOnly.com asks that the third party maintain your personally identifiable information as confidential and use the information only to perform the services specified by SandRailsOnly.com.
  6. Email List Opt-Outs. In the event SandRailsOnly.com sends promotional emails to you on behalf of third-party advertisers and you inform SandRailsOnly.com you wish to opt out of future promotional emails from a particular third party, SandRailsOnly.com may share your email address with that third party so the third party may add you to its opt-out lists.
  7. Other. SandRailsOnly.com expressly reserves the right to release any personally identifiable information or other information you provide to third parties under the following circumstances: (a) when required by law or legal process, (b) to investigate and/or take action against illegal activity, suspected abuse or unauthorized use of the Site, (c) to protect the property or safety of our users or others, (d) to enforce our Terms of Service and (e) in connection with any sale or other transfer of ownership of all or a part of SandRailsOnly.com. Further, if you make any personally identifiable information publicly available on the Site, SandRailsOnly.com reserves the right to disclose such information to third parties, including, without limitation, insurance companies and SandRailsOnly.com's Affiliates and third-party distribution partners.

Please note that the messages that SandRailsOnly.com sends to you to confirm, fulfill or follow up on a request may incidentally include promotional material or other content from SandRailsOnly.com or its partners. In the case of these messages, SandRailsOnly.com is not sharing your personally identifiable information with those third parties. SandRailsOnly.com reserves the right to share Usage Data with any third party for any reason.


When purchasing an SIY Ad, it is important to note that any information you choose to include in an SIY Ad may be made publicly available via the Site and other media in which SandRailsOnly.com vehicle listings are published, including third-party Web sites and print publications. You are required to include at least your phone number and, optionally, an email address to allow users to contact you regarding your SIY Ad. As such, you may receive unsolicited phone calls and emails from third parties. Except for required information, you should not include any contact or other information in an SIY Ad that you do not want other parties to see or use.

Message Boards

SandRailsOnly.com also may offer message boards, bulletin boards, chat rooms, comments areas or other forums ("Forums") on the Site for use by visitors who are 18 years of age or older. Any information you disclose when posting a message in these Forums may become public. You should not include any information in your posting that you do not want other parties to see or use. Moreover, if you post any messages in the Forums that include your email address or phone number you may receive unsolicited emails or calls from third parties.

Email a Page

The Site offers you the ability to email certain pages of the Site to a friend or other third party. If you choose to use the "Email a Page" functionality, your name, email address and any message you are allowed to include will be visible to the recipient of the email. The "Email a Page" functionality is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any unlawful purpose, including any harassment or threats. Information collected by SandRailsOnly.com through the "Email a Page" functionality shall be used in accordance with this Statement.

Changes to this Statement

Any changes to this Statement will be posted on the Site in this location and this Statement will be identified as "Updated". Your continued use of the Site after such notice constitutes acceptance of such changes. In the event of such changes, you can then choose to do nothing, modify the personally identifiable information in your SIY Account, change your email preferences or deactivate your SIY Account.


Your personally identifiable information is one of our most valuable assets. We take steps to keep it physically secure in our data centers and it is accessible only to authorized personnel as needed to perform operations governed by this policy. In addition, when SandRailsOnly.com collects credit card information from you, SandRailsOnly.com uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard for protecting privacy in web transactions. Please keep in mind that despite these measures, SandRailsOnly.com cannot guarantee or warrant 100 percent security of its servers and databases. Moreover, SandRailsOnly.com cannot guarantee that personally identifiable information that you submit through the Site will not be intercepted or otherwise disclosed.


SandRailsOnly.com believes that it is especially important to protect children's privacy online. SandRailsOnly.com does not knowingly collect or use any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 and SandRailsOnly.com does not knowingly provide any personally identifiable information, regardless of its source, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever from visitors younger than 13 years old. No information should be submitted to or posted at SandRailsOnly.com by visitors younger than 13 years old.


This Site contains links to other sites. While SandRailsOnly.com encourages our business partners to adopt privacy policies that build users' trust and confidence in the internet, SandRailsOnly.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of websites linked to the Site or any third-party products or services offered through the Site.

Collection of Information by Third Parties

As noted above, Affiliates and other third parties may collect information about you and your use of the Site through the use of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. For example, we work with companies that collect statistical information regarding Site usage and provide related analytical services. We may work with third-party advertising companies that use cookies and web beacons to serve advertisements when you come to the Site and to generate statistics and metrics related to the delivery of such advertisements. We also may work with third-party advertising networks that use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect non-personally identifiable information about your visits to and interactions with this Site and other websites in order to provide targeted advertisements to you across their networks of websites (which may or may not include this Site). These third parties also may use this information for determining or predicting the characteristics and preferences of their respective advertising audiences, for measuring the effectiveness of their advertising and for other purposes.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please email us at feedback@SandRailsOnly.com.

Repton Media LLC, PO Box 1091, Sugarloaf, CA 92386-1091

Last updated on 1/1/08


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