At, we integrate our business directory "VENDOR PAD" with our CLASSIFIEDS.

This gives our commercial vendors more visibility by keeping the "shopping aspect" all in one place!


Please note: If you have already registered with our Forum/Gallery, you are already a member of the Society and have a USERNAME and PASSWORD to enter the Vendor Pad.

Business Directory Listings

    Your VENDOR PAD ad costs only $15 per month; that's only 50 cents a day!  SIGN ME UP FOR A VENDOR PAD!

    • What's included in my VENDOR PAD?

              Four image uploads: These can be all photos, your logo and three photos, or other images as you prefer.

             Video upload: Our Gallery also gives an option for you to upload other videos or photos. We encourage our commercial advertisers to use this tool.

             Website link: A direct link to your website, your online storefront or any other link you designate.

              Specific Category: We have created 42 categories to be as business specific as possible. If you don't see a category you fit into, please let us know.

              Integrated inquiry form: Readers may contact you via email from your ad.

              Description: Each Vendor Pad ad has two descriptive fields that will be used in two different views of your ad. Use the 250-word description as your company summary. With the 1000-word description, you will need to repeat the 250-word summary (or something like it) and add any additional information that you would like the readers to know about your company or product.

              RSS FEED: Our classifieds have an RSS Feed , so that anyone subscribing to this feed will be informed when new ads, business or private party are placed.
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